Monthly Archives: March 2012

Wonderful Water Aid

Thank you to everyone who made our Sing for Water event so special.  All the many and various people who came and sang and played on their own, as part of a group – or came as part of the audience and found themselves singing rather unexpectedly!

It was a fantastic occasion to share the joy of music with people from across the city, some of whom we hadn’t met before – and to raise money for Water Aid, which we did most successfully.

Water Aid is a great charity for bringing people together – it’s such a basic human right, it has no religious or political affiliations, and if you think just for a minute or two about what it means not to have clean water or sanitation, it reminds us how lucky we are.

Sheffield comes Alight

What a fantastic celebration of amateur performance we have seen in Sheffield this weekend. There was music and dance across the city centre – I would like to have been in several places at once. I particularly loved Concord Youth Music’s combination of toe-tingling brass, marimbas and beautifully rhythmic and restrained dance.

Carfield’s set at the train station was (though of course I’m biased) a triumph. We were not sure what to expect in the way of staging – what we found was a square marked out with two different colours of sticky tape.  There were Alight staff there to welcome us and marshal the area – useful when some train passengers seemed so unaware of the performance that they would have walked between me and the choir!

We had a small audience who stayed for the whole set – besides friends and relations, there was a sizeable cohort of South Yorkshire police, on duty to welcome Oldham fans to their match with Sheffield United.  I don’t know whether the unavoidable entertainment made their day more or less agreeable but we got a few smiles.

This was the first time we had done a full half-hour set, eight very different songs. The choir really is going from strength to strength, in sound and stamina and performance skills.