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Cancelled due to bad weather…

Meersbrook on Saturday

This was Meersbrook on Saturday

We have been practising hard for our Spring concert to raise money for the new residential project at St Wilfrid’s.   I have to admit there are often last rehearsals where I feel slightly doubtful if we’ll pull it off – although the choir always rise to the occasion. However, at the end of Tuesday’s rehearsal I was buzzing because it felt like all the songs were ready and we were going to enjoy singing them. On Thursday night it started snowing. On Friday one of the other performers rang to see if we were going ahead. Of course, I said, it’s the spirit of the blitz, we’ll carry on regardless.  We’re not the kind of wimps who call things off because of a bit of snow. Think of all those Canadians laughing at us.

But when Saturday dawned and the blanket of snow had become a 15-tog duvet (9 inches deep on our picnic table) I started thinking again.  The director of St Wilfrid’s had already said he was unlikely to make it and at least one of the other performers could not manage the trip across Sheffield.



SnowytreesI am certain that almost all the choir members who had committed themselves would have made it to the church come what may. I would not have wanted anyone risking a fall or pneumonia for the sake of a concert. We would have got very few in the audience and had little to show for our effort.  It would have been very hard work  – we would have had a good time singing together but we would not feel like tackling it again. It was sad deciding to cancel but I hope that the sense of disappointment will turn into enthusiasm about running the event in a few weeks’ time and making it even better.


Spring Sing!

Our spring concert this year is in aid of St Wilfrid’s, an organisation which helps vulnerable and excluded people in Sheffield. For many years they have offered practical help, like a cafe and showers, a clothes shop and training in skills for life and work.  They have now secured land and planning permission to build a residential unit next to their current premises so that they can add overnight accommodation to the range of services they offer. Sing for St Wilf’s on March 23rd will be raising money towards this residential project.

So what kind of do is it? It is a celebration of music, particularly singing, and sharing it with others.  It’s a mixture of songs old and new from around the world.  The choir will be joined by other amateur music makers and there will be songs everyone can join in with – though participation is not compulsory.  At the end of the evening there will be tea, coffee and soft drinks available and cakes for sale. The entrance fee of £5 includes a drink and children can come for free.

We are holding the event at the Church of the Nazarene in Heeley – it’s not a church event and we have always found this to be a warm and welcoming, un-churchy church.  The choir did not want to exclude people who feel uncomfortable coming to a church – but the other venues we looked at would have charged quite a lot, and we didn’t want all the proceeds to go in rent.

Come along if you can … it will be a fun evening and we hope to raise a decent amount for the St Wilfrid’s appeal.