Indoorus Chorus Christmas Page

Here are the songs we are singing in the run-up to Christmas 2020.

Light One Candle

Light One Candle All
Light One Candle Alto
Light One Candle Tenor

Here is the score for the song (first file), and the words

Hail Chime On

Hail Chime On All
Hail Chime On Alto
Hail Chime On Tenor
Hail Chime On Bass

Here are the score (top) so that you can see how the parts fit together, and the words (While Shepherds Watched).

Derbyshire Christmas

Derbyshire Christmas All
Derbyshire Christmas Soprano
Derbyshire Christmas Alto
Derbyshire Christmas Tenor

The file above is the words, in a Word document, and below is the score with all the music.