Indoorus Chorus

Hello – this is a new page for our special virtual choir, which is happening on Monday evening via Zoom, while we are unable to meet in person. In these strange days, it is essential to connect with other people and share music as much as we can.

Everyone is welcome – do get in touch if you would like a link to join the group. I am going to keep every session complete in itself so you can just drop in when it suits you.

There are some changes to the normal pattern:

  • We can’t sing in harmony in real time, so no four-part harmony for a while. I will teach at least one harmony line – if you love to sing a harmony you can harmonise with me!
  • While we sing together you’ll be able to hear me, and you – nobody else
  • For this reason I’m also adding some guitar and possibly a little piano to fill out the sound
  • We are having a tea-break! I schedule this at the beginning of the session so that people can have a little chat and connect before we start to sing. Get a cup/glass/ bottle of your favourite drink and join us from 6.45. We break into smaller groups at 7, or when it gets busy, and have a 10-minute chat before re-convening at 7.15 to warm up.

Here are some resources for the songs we are singing at the moment.

May 25th – Bank Holiday but Indoorus Chorus will take place as usual.

The featured songs will be Somos El Barco (see below) and Put a Little Love in Your Heart (over on Rehearsal Notes page)

May 18th – Choir Where I Belong

This is a song I wrote last year about what choir means to us and how powerful it is to sing together. You can sing any part, or a mixture if you like.

Choir Where I Belong – everybody
Choir Where I Belong – soprano
Choir Where I Belong – alto
Choir Where I Belong – tenor
Choir Where I Belong – bass

Click above for the words and music.

May 11th – With a Little Help from My Friends

With a Little Help from my Friends – all parts
With a Little Help from my Friends – soprano line
With a Little Help from my Friends – alto line
With a Little Help from my Friends – bass

Apologies for the quality of the sound files – they’re a bit ropey but you will get the gist. Also, this is the version without the fancy ending, but we’ll probably sing the fancy ending. Why not? Nobody can hear you!

Here’s a pdf of the music and words:

May 4th – Together in Electric Dreams

Our four-part version is a bit fancy to sing in the virtual world but there are some places where we really need two groups – the echoes in the verses (Too late to stay… and I close my eyes); and sing the “Love Never Ends” bit in the chorus.

If you’ve sung this with choir before you might enjoy singing your own part, or trying someone else’s. If it’s new to you, just join in with the soprano line.

Together in Electric Dreams – full version
Together in Electric Dreams – Soprano
Together in Electric Dreams – Bass

Here is a sheet with just the words on:

April 20th – Somos el barco

Somos El Barco – Both parts together
Somos El Barco – Harmony highlighted

Here is a link to Peter, Paul and Mary singing this:

Somos El Barco

  • Their tune in the verses is slightly different from how I’ve sung it, and the lyric in verse 2 where I’ve gone for “many sands” which I think is the original, they sing “every land”.

And here is the sheet with words and music:

Last week I posted a sheet with a temporary version of the harmony. Here’s what I should have posted. (Only the notes of the Oohs in the chorus has changed. So if you’re following the tune and/or just need the words, there’s no change.)

Songs from previous weeks are still on Rehearsal Notes