Christmas repertoire

Hail Smiling Morn 

  1. Full version

    2. Soprano

    3. Alto

    4. Tenor

    5. Bass

 Hail Smiling Morn – Full Score  pdf version to print out

  1. White Christmas

  1. Both parts equal:

2. Tune highlighted (they overlap with each other):

3. Harmony highlighted:



Recordings 1 and 5 are at a brisk but reasonable speed and the others are super-fast (I can’t remember why).

  1. Full version – all parts equal

2. Alto highlighted

3. Tenor highlighted

4. “Old” Bass – in female range

5. Proper Bass line for men


  1. Full

    2. Soprano

    3. Alto

    4. Tenor

    5. Bass

Gaudete – Full Score  PDF

Put a Little Love in Your Heart

  1. Soprano

2. Bass

3. Alto

4. Tenor

5. Full version

Derbyshire Christmas

Full version

Lowest part highlighted:

Middle part highlighted:

Top part highlighted:

Wassail the Silver Apple

  1. All parts

2. Middle part highlighted

3. Bottom part highlighted

4. Top part highlighted

I saw a ship – Full Score

  1. All parts together

2. Tenor

3. Bass

4. Soprano


Star of Bethlehem

This is a Sheffield village carol from Grenoside:  There are three verses, but I’ve only recorded one. The chorus is the best bit and that’s the same all three times. (And let this be…)

Star of Bethlehem

  1. Full chorus

2. Alto

3. Bass

4. Soprano

5. Tenor


God Be With You

A Swiss carol with a waltzing lilt to it.

  1. All parts together

2. Bottom (hydom and hodom)

3. Middle part

4. Top part featured