Back in the Swing

September’s here, the nights are getting chilly, and for some of us school uniform and homework once again feature in our lives.  Yes, the autumn term is under way.   The beginning of the school year always feels like a good time to make a fresh start – get a nice  new pencil-case and re-organise your Cambridge Maths set, label your stationery and vow that this time you will do things properly…

We’ve had two rehearsals so far this term and there’s definitely been an improvement in punctuality.  I hope it lasts – it makes a real difference to the focus of the session.

Our first gig this term is at the Meersbrook Park Walled Garden, where Apple Day will be celebrated on 7th October.  This is always a great event – bring your own apples to be identified or turned into juice, and taste lots of appley treats.  We are putting together a suitably fruity programme for the event.

If anyone is thinking they might start coming to choir, don’t be put off by the closeness of the performance date.  Nobody has to perform if they don’t want to, and rehearsals are not just about preparing for gigs. Our rehearsals are about singing together and having a good time.