Videos from Sing for Samaritans

On Sunday 20th May we joined five other local choirs for “Sing for Samaritans” – a celebration of vocal music supporting The Samaritans.  It was in the Memorial Hall of Sheffield City Hall, which had a lovely acoustic.  It was a fantastic event and we loved taking part.  The choirs varied in their style and choice of songs – some had backing tracks and some had matching T-shirts, some even did CHOREOGRAPHY! They were all great – i love watching and listening to other choirs, and we like singing to other singers. The other choirs were the U3A A Cappella Singers, Love to Sing Ladies, Sheffield Singers, Rock Choir and the brand new Samaritans Branch Choir.

Here are four mobile-phone videos of the songs we sang:


This is How it Feels

Nanila/Golden Slumbers

Don’t Worry, Be Bobby!