Derbyshire Christmas

The origins of this carol are a bit of a mystery. My children sang it at Meersbrook Bank primary school. I played the piano for their carol service so they gave me the music but no words, which was a shame, because I remembered it being lovely. It was a photocopy of a manuscript, credited to Steve Carter.

Many years later I mentioned the carol at choir, and someone said, “Oh, my daughter sang that at Meersbrook Bank, wasn’t it lovely? I’ve got the words but no music!”

I took this as a sign, and arranged the carol for three parts a cappella. I found a composer called Steve Carter on the internet, and contacted to him to ask if he was OK for me to arrange it, but it wasn’t the right Steve Carter. If you’re out there, Steve, we love your carol and the memories it evokes.

Derbyshire Christmas Soprano
Derbyshire Christmas Alto
Derbyshire Christmas Tenor
Derbyshire Christmas all parts