Don’t Worry Be Bobby

This brilliant arrangement by Kirsty Martin

combines two great Roberts, Mr Marley and Mr McFerrin, with a little bit of the Beatles thrown in with a bit of Kirsty-Martin-squidgy harmony too.

We are not going to learn the last section (the Epic Coda) so don’t worry about that bit.  Just concentrate on the first three minutes!  We are also going to sing the introduction TWICE, i.e. with Tenor and Bass finishing with “in the night”, (they only sing the intro once on these MP3s)

  1. Soprano Highlighted:

2. Alto Highlighted

3. Tenor Highlighted

4. Bass highlighted

5. Everyone together

Don’t worry, be Bobby pdf

This is the full score, music for all parts, and is 9 pages long. Do you really need it???


This is a chart of the lyrics, which is only one and a half pages long and will probably be quite helpful. NB: I’ve made a couple of changes since the last time we sang this.