About Us

We are a friendly local choir based in Meersbrook, in south-west Sheffield.

At the moment we are having a virtual choir session by Zoom on a Monday evening at 7pm.  Do get in touch if you’d like a link.  It’s open to everyone and each session stands alone.  We are concentrating on connecting with each other and sharing, joining in songs that express this feeling.  See the Indoorus Chorus page for more details.

Why not come along and see if you enjoy it?

Originally established in early 2007, we meet every week to sing together.  Since September 2008 the choir has been led by Liz Nicholas, our Musical Director.

We do not hold auditions, and there is no need to read music. All you need is enthusiasm and a love of music.

We welcome people of all ages* – since we are mostly over 18 it might be an idea to bring a friend or two if you are bringing a child for the first time.

We sing a cappella, without a piano or a backing track, and our repertoire ranges from mediaeval Latin chants to 21st-century pop. We sing in languages from all over the world, too.   We learn short songs completely by ear; for longer ones we have printed music so you can follow the notes and words. If you come regularly, you will learn some musical terms and get more familiar with what the notes tell you.

We do perform, although our main aim is to sing for our own pleasure.   The gigs page will give you an idea of the range of places and events we have sung at recently.  Our original guideline was that we would sing anywhere within walking distance where there was a possibility of cake being served.  In the past few years, though, we’ve been going a bit further afield – Hebden Bridge, Whitby, Leicester and Manchester (and nobody walked there.)  We like to sing in our local community though, and in support of events we care about.

* Anyone under 16 needs to be accompanied by an adult singer who is responsible for them.