Our fees from January 2022

We ask members to make the following payments:

  • The annual membership fee of £24 or £6 paid quarterly from the 1st of January, April, July & October, plus 
  • The weekly fee per session attended on a sliding scale of £3 – £6. It is purely up to yourself to decide what level of fee on this scale you are comfortable with.
  • Calculating how much to pay
    Many members choose to pay their fees in advance. If you would like to do this, it is anticipated that there will be at least 10 sessions per quarter. 

Alternatively, you can pay a month ahead at a time. During some quarters it is possible that additional rehearsals may be scheduled. If you find that you have attended more than the number of sessions of your advance payment, you can always top it up! 

Paying in arrears is OK too, if you want to be sure how many sessions you have attended. 

We trust members to monitor their payments themselves.

  • Payment options 

You can make payments via bank transfer, cheque or cash. Ask for details at a rehearsal or by email.

 Very Important – Towards the end of the year do not make any bank transfers relating to next year before January 1st as it causes confusion with our accounting system!