Street Choirs 2016 in Leicester

We had such a great time in Leicester this year. Reeling from the shock referendum result there were a few tears as we sang the Internationale, pleading for an end to racist ignorance and the vanity of nations.

Link to Youtube of the Massed Sing

Here are some of our photos:  I cannot get them to sit in the right order but it’s been over a month now so I’m going to publish them as best I can…


Eileen rocking her David Bowie teeshirt on Friday


Flying the flag with our banner


Getting ready for our first busking session outside John Lewis


Busking session 1


It was hot! i knew those folders were a good idea…


Cafe society at The Curve


In our Sunday best after the concert performance

Bread and Roses

Delighted with my director’s present of bread and roses

Red Leicester

Our hosts Red Leicester finish the concert in style

Cath & Diana

Between busking sessions